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StereoLamps.com was started by the experienced technicians at Just Audio. They had noticed how difficult it could be for the consumer to find replacement or upgrade parts for their vintage audio equipment. Many sites are just selling the products without knowledge of the process of repairs. Some places even selling cheaply made parts which do not properly fit. At StereoLamps.com we test every kit to ensure that our products are perfect for your stereo upgrades.

With all of our experience and the fact that we see close to 100 different units a week for repair, we have decided to take that knowledge and help others by supplying you with the best stereo lamp kits made. We personally test all of our kits before adding them to our catalog.

There are a lot of other businesses around the country selling these products. But none of these companies test and develop kits with hands on experience like we do. We personally build these kits at our location and check the compatibility of them for each and every unit. We guarantee you quality products that you will be happy with!

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