Pioneer SX Replacement LED Lamp Kit installation instructions

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Here are some quick but detailed instructions on how to install our basic LED lamp kit, specifically on replacing lamps on the Pioneer SX Series. These tips may help when installing our basic kits for other applications. But pictures are specific to the Pioneer SX-650 LED upgrade process but will be generally the same for replacing the main bulbs. This tutorial begins after the lighting harness is removed from the receiver. Be sure to have the receiver POWERED OFF prior to doing any work to it. This is just a guide and we recommend having all work done by trained professionals at, but we know there are DIY techs out there.

By reading these instructions further you agree that you are doing this at your own risk, we can not be responsible for any damage done to you or your stereo by following our instructions, they are just a guide. 

Needed Tools:

Soldering Station

Wire Clippers

Recommended Tools:

Heat Gun


Step #1: Remove lamp assembly #AEL-060 from the dial scale plate #AEC-251.

Pioneer LED Lamp Dial Scale Plate & Lamp Assembly


Step #2: Once removed, pull out the old bulb from the rubber casing. Leave Rubber casing on wires.

Pioneer LED Lamp Assembly


Step #3: Remove the old incandescent lamp from rubber casing.


Step #4: Take one of your new LED Wedge Lamps and straighten the leads.

Pioneer LED Lamp


Step #5: Remove the bulb from the wedge casing.

Pioneer LED Lamp Replacement


Step #6: Clip the leads down to about 1/3 of original size.

Pioneer LED Lamp installation instructions


Step #7: Apply solder to both LED leads.

LED Lamp upgrade solder


Step #8: Cut heat shrink to desired length to cover exposed wire and place on wires prior to step 9.

Heat Shrink stereo led lamp installation


Step #9: Strip about 1/3 inch of the wire and solder the original wires to the LED leads.

 Stereo LED Installation


Step #10: Place heat shrink over exposed wire

Vintage stereo receiver lamp installation


Step #11: Heat the heat shrink to adhere to wire.

vintage stereo receiver led heat shrink


Step #12: Reseed rubber casing.

Vintage Stereo LED install


Step #13: Finished, now repeat with all remaining bulbs and place back into lamp holder. Tutorial for vintage stereo lamps



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