Vintage Stereo LED Wedge Lamp BULK Pack

  • $57.95

This basic LED lamp kit is a great way to upgrade your vintage receiverS! This kit includes the main LED lamps to make your receiver illuminate like never before. Kit includes 50 Wedge Lamps

Compatible with the following Pioneer models:

SX-450, SX-550, SX-650, SX-750, SX-850, SX-950, SX-1050, SX-1250

SX-580, SX-680, SX-780, SX-880, SX-980, SX-1080, SX1280

SX-590, SX-690, SX-790, SX-890

SX-5560, SX-5570, SX-5580, SX-5590

Compatible with the following Sansui models:

G-2000, G-3000, G-5000, G-6000, G-7000, G-8000

G-301, G-401, G-701, G-801, G-901

G-3500, G-4500, G-5500, G-7500

G-4700, G-5700, G-6700, G-7700

Compatible with the following Tandberg models:

TR-2025, TR-2025MB, TR-2030, TR-2030L, TR-2040, TR-2045, TR-2060, TR-2060L, HULDRA12

Compatible with the following Akai models:

AA-1115, AA-1125


Available in the following color options! 

Warm White - This is the classic original look for your receiver, looks incandescent.

Cool White - This is a brighter white LED look.  It will strengthen the color of any dials or meters. Highly recommended! 

Cool Blue - Very popular "Cool" light blue look. Also considered an Ice Blue.

Green - This will give your receiver a strong green look.

Blue - This will give your reciever a strong darker "royal blue" look.

The basic kit only includes dial display bulbs. We also sell a "Complete Kit" for each individual model if you are looking to upgrade all your indicator lights and dial pointer etc.