Why change my vintage stereo lamps to new LED lights?

Posted by Len F. on

Whether your original lamps are starting to burn out or you just want to upgrade your stereo to a brighter look. LED stereo lamps are a great option. These bulbs are available in many colors including a warm white that mimics the original incandescent bulb. Many people are converting these over the a cool white or cool blue to enhance the look of your receiver. As seen below a Sansui 9090db without LED on the left and a Sansui 9090db with cool white led lamps on the right.

Sansui 9090 LED Lamp Comparison

This is just an example of the difference new LED lamps can make in your vintage stereo receiver. There are many options available for you. Many colors of led lamps, along with many kit varieties are available. Some kits will be for the casual or novice person, other kits will be more in depth and will require more skill to install.

Pink Realistic Stereo Receiver LED Lamps

Some vintage stereo receiver looks can be reinvented with new colored led lamps! Look at this Realistic Receiver above, the cool LED lamps add an entire new element to this receiver.

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